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Bioengineering is a new comprehensive applied discipline that began to rise in the early 1970s. In the 1990s, bioengineering based on system theory was born, that is, the concept of system bioengineering. So-called biological engineering, generally thought to be a biological (especially the molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry and cell biology), on the basis of the theory and technology combined with modern engineering technology such as chemical, mechanical, electronic computer, full use of the latest achievements of molecular biology, manipulation of genetic material, consciously directed to reform biology or its functionality, It is a new technology to create new species with super distant traits in a short time, and then large-scale culture of this kind of "engineering bacteria" or "engineering cell lines" through appropriate bioreactor, in order to produce a large number of useful metabolites or play their unique physiological functions. Bioengineering is the combination of molecular genetics, microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry, chemical engineering and energy science, and its application range is wide, including medicine, food, agriculture and forestry, horticulture, chemical industry, metallurgy, oil recovery, fermentation tank new technology and new substrate environmental protection and so on. Many existing microbiology-based industries have been improved through genetic engineering and utilization, while mitigating social problems such as environmental pollution. In the near future, photobioreactors and biofuels will become a reality, and complex but renewable substrates such as lignin and cellulose will become feedstocks for the fermentation industry, possibly providing starting ingredients for the plastics and polymer industries. It can be said that genetic engineering and cell engineering are the basis of biological engineering. Recombinant DNA technology and enzyme immobilization technology are the two most characteristic and potential technologies of biological engineering, while fermentation engineering and cell and tissue culture technology are relatively mature and widely used technologies.